Movie News: Matthew Vaughn Producing FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 22 February 2013

Movie News

It was with a heavy heart that we reported Matthew Vaughn’s exist from X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST last October, but it looks like he’s not done with the Marvel just yet… 

Mark Millar - recently hired to create a cohesive universe for Fox’s Marvel properties - has revealed via that Twitter thing that Vaughn has boarded their upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR reboot as a producer! (The FF is one franchise we’re wholly supportive of getting an overhaul btw, boy did those flicks do the characters an injustice. Alba as Sue Storm?! Captain America as The Human Torch?! Ugh.)

With Vaughn producing and CHRONICLE director Josh Trank helming, this has the potential to be something very special indeed. Could we expect some X-cameos in there too? Highly likely.

FANTASTIC FOUR is scheduled for a March 2015 release.

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0 #3 weenie 2013-02-22 23:22
Yep, I agree that Chris Evans was the best thing about the FF films. Of the others, Alba was the worst.
0 #2 Paul Mount 2013-02-22 23:19
I sort of liked the FF films; at least they weren't trying to be all dark and angsty. The casting was a bit iffy but the potential was there. Not too mean and moody next time, please...
0 #1 paul carey 2013-02-22 22:17
Chris Evans was the best thing about the FF films, Alba on the other hand was miscast. Reed and Ben were somewhere in the middle.

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