News: DC Comics Attempt To Justify Their Reboot In New Promo Vid

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So, who's excited for September's reboot of all DC's comic titles?

Cue crickets.

Honestly, it seems to us that the only folks out there enthusiastic about the dumping of 75 years worth of comic continuity are DC themselves, and here's the video to prove it...

For shame DC. For shame.

To pretend this isn't a calculated move to snag young audiences at the expense of all the readers who have stuck with these characters all their lives is shocking. And I'd love to speak to a single comic store owner who believes DC's digital download strategy will do anything other than spell the death knell for their business, let alone mark "a moment in history for fans and retailers alike".

Surely DC are overestimating the amount of potential new readers out there? With so much entertainment media vying for kid's attentions these days, if they haven't picked up a comic before they're not going to start now just because Superman's wearing 501's. Will the older fans come back when DC realises this and ushers in the return of the old continuity a few years from now?

Marvel must be loving all this!

Have DC lost the plot? Share your thoughts in the Comments below!



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+1 #3 Robin Pierce 2011-07-04 07:07
The idea is nonsensical and misguided at best. The way to get new readers into comics is to do away with the over long, over involved, twelve month or more spanning multi title story arcs. Crisis on Infinite Earths had a purpose to clean up the continuity and as a one-off was a huge novelty - but how many Crisises and other DC universe spanning epics since? New readers aren't going to buy a story halfway through, and it's a hell of a commitment for regular readers to pick up all the titles they normally wouldn't read in order to get the whole story.

There's much to be said that these long arcs are perfect for turning into lucrative graphic novels - but even those are being released in expensive multi volume formats now - look at Blackest Night & Brightest Day...if you can afford it at over £20 per volume.
+4 #2 Claudia Whitehouse 2011-07-01 19:15
this is definitely the right time to be getting new kids into comics, what with there being a new big budget superhero movie out every summer and comic book adaptations starting to be all over tv. but not at the expense of alienated existing fans. kids are just realising that maybe they're interested in these characters, and i don't think they're going to be interested in brand news ones. just release a big shiny superman starter pack with all the essential issues and put it in hmv.
+1 #1 Mr Cheese 2011-07-01 18:56
Those quotes at the end are rubbish.

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