News: Who's Up For More THOR? Sequel Gets Release Date [Updated] And A New Writer!

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Screenwriter Don Payne has just landed the job of scripting THOR 2, and the news has elicited a few grumbles around these offices. Why should this be cause for concern? Well, even though he did have a hand in the original (5 writers were credited, with Payne taking lowest billing), it's his previous sole feature writing credits that don't fill us with confidence. The worst offenders? MY SUPER EX GIRLFRIEND and *shudder* FANTASTIC 4: RISE OF THE SILVER SUPER. A double-whammy of dire.

It's early days yet however, and seeing as these films are usually committee written, expect Payne's draft to change hands many times before shooting begins.

Read our previous story for more details...


Good news for those out there that flipped for THOR (and judging by the $409m gross there's quite a few of you), but bad news for those who attributed its awesomeness to director Kenneth Branagh...

Marvel Studios and their parent company Disney (never heard of 'em) today announced the official release date for the sequel, scheduling a July 26th 2013 debut. However, Sir Kenneth will not be returning to helm, choosing to take on producing duties instead.

No story details exist at this time, though we'll undoubtedly have a clearer idea of where the franchise is heading after next year's AVENGERS hits. The only actor confirmed to return so far is Chris Hemsworth, though reportedly Portman is signed for another two movies and I should imagine the other members of the cast had similar contracts.

So, who would you guys like to fill Branagh's shoes?

Thoughts? Share 'em with ye fellow Starbursters below!

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