Movie News: “Possibly Getting My Own STAR WARS Spin-Off, I Am.”

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 05 February 2013

Movie News

First off, let us go on record and say we actually think this rumour is bonkers; but in the miraculous event it does turn out to be real, we really should report it here...

There has been a lot of unconfirmed chatter about possible STAR WARS movie spin-offs that will augment the main Episode structure, with reports that writers Simon Kinberg & Lawrence Kasdan were brought in not to work on parts VIII and IX, but actually to start developing possible solo movies. The first rumour out of the gate was that Zack Snyder was developing a “Seven Samurai” style adventure that featured a group of Jedi on a mission. His camp quickly denied it, but the website that broke the rumour STILL maintain they are correct. (Personally, I hope they’re right.)

Now comes news originating from AICN's Harry Knowles that says an unnamed source has heard rumblings of a Yoda-centric stand alone feature!

Now the Jedi Master is a great character, but surely few would argue he works best in small doses. Can you imagine sitting through two-hours of Yoda-speak? Neither can we. And let's be brutally honest, wasn’t he a bit of a smug knobhead in the prequel trilogy? A far cry from the cheeky, slightly-mental but above all fascinating to watch Yoda of EMPIRE. But we don’t think there’s much to be mined from his Dagabah days. That’d be depressing. Perhaps they could explore Yoda’s early years. See the greatest swordsman in his prime. Maybe he wasn’t always a smug knobhead. Maybe, just maybe…

…it is Yoda who leads a band of Jedi on a dangerous “Seven Samurai” style mission.

Are Synder’s project and the Yoda movie one and the same? If it’s true both are being discussed, then we’ll bet our bottom dollar they are.

AICN also says George Lucas is bandying around a Jabba the Hutt movie too. But we’re not even going to touch that.

Question: Which STAR WARS character would you like to see get his/her/its own stand alone flick? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @STARBURST_MAG

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