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Though fantasy film and television are well known for going 'where no man has gone before', seldom does that include the world of high fashion (though yours truly did a fantasy fashion piece for Starburst some years ago). However all that's about to change with the latest American edition of Harper's Bazaar.

In a shoot, with photography and digital art-work by Jeffrey Westbr ook and Laura Brown, for the August issue of the highly influential fashion magazine, a certain little blue lady strikes a number of evocative poses for the camera in an array of next seasons fashions. Smurfette took time out from promoting the new summer blockbuster THE SMURFS to don everything from Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, to Dolce and Gabanna, and as this picture proves, she's a fashion natural - she could always take to the catwalk if her big screen career doesn't lift off (though that's unlikely if advance news about the new film is anything to go by).

Magazines like American Vogue have mixed fashion with make-believe before, as with their story last year based around the Broadway production of Spiderman, and their sponsorship of New York's  Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute 'Superheroes' Gala in 2008. But seldom has a cartoon character, such as Smurfette, been honored with a such a high fashion spread, all to themselves. You go girl!


THE SMURFS is released in the US on July 29th, followed by an August 10th opening here in the UK.
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