Movie News: Guillermo del Toro Update! THE HULK, HEAVEN SENT, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS and More...

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 08 January 2013

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We suspect Guillermo del Toro's interest in the dark arts isn’t limited to storytelling. Witchcraft is surely the only explanation as to how he continually manages to juggle so many damn projects at once. The much-loved filmmaker has been doing the interview rounds for the soon to be released Mama recently, and he's opened up about some of his many other films on the go. First up...


Del Toro first spoke about the project back in November, when it was in its very early stages. For those that didn’t catch the news then, the film would unite several of the occult based comic book characters of the DCU in order to save the universe from a threat only they can defeat. Today Del Toro has revealed (via this interview at IGN) the project is actually moving forward at Warner Bros, and the script is about to be written (by a mystery screenwriter of some note). The proposed line-up for the team is John Constantine (which would thankfully reboot 2005’s Constantine movie starring Keanu Reeves), Swamp Thing (which would thankfully reboot Wes Craven’s 1982 movie!), Deadman, The Spectre, the rhyme-loving Etrigan The Demon, Zatanna and her pop Zatara. What this would mean for the proposed TV versions of Deadman (read HERE for more info) and The Spectre (HERE) is anyone’s guess. The film also has a new, vastly improved title in the form of Dark Universe. It’s a welcome change, but why they wouldn’t just call it Justice League Dark is an odd one.


Del Toro’s long nurtured desire to adapt H.P. Lovecraft’s story for the big screen looked dead, with the filmmaker concerned over the narrative similarities to last year’s Prometheus amongst the myriad of problems, but in a new chat with The Playlist, it appears he’s prepared to have another crack at getting it off the ground. “We're gonna do a big presentation of the project again at the start of the year and see if any [studio's] interested,” he said, before revealing that Tom Cruise is still attached to star and co-produce. Expect more news soon.


The TV version of the Marvel property doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon, with Del Toro revealing that he's heard nothing on the project since last year. Truth be told, if it wasn't going to feature Mark Ruffalo's interpretation of the character and operate alongside The Avengers-verse (which it wasn't), then we don't see this as such a big loss. We've suffered enough Hulk reboots already, and since they finally nailed the character last year, what's the point in confusing audiences further and risk undoing Whedon & Ruffalo's hard work? If those two were also involved however, now that would be something we'd like to see! 


…Has a new trailer ahead of its July 12th release. It’s basically a recut of the one that hit last month, but it does contain a few more shots. Check it out in the player below…

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But before the Mecha vs. Monster smackdown hits multiplexes, we have Mama, a Del Toro produced horror flick from director Andrés Muschietti. If you’ve not seen the trailer yet then we urge you to head HERE and check it out. And if you happen to have missed the original short film version of Mama (also helmed by Muschietti), then you can watch it in full below…

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MAMA opens in the UK February 22nd.

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