Movie News: PREDATORS Writer Gets HELLIFIED…

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Movie News

Paramount have hired a new screenwriter to re-draft their high concept horror-themed adventure flick HELLIFIED, which has been knocking around since 2009 when the studio purchased the spec script from Andy Burg (ALASKA). PREDATORS co-scribe Michael Finch is now in charge of telling the tale of a group of criminals who are tasked with the mission of journeying into Hell itself to prevent the apocalypse above. 

Cool concept, right? Although it really reminds me of that 2002 Marc Sivestri comic book from Top Cow/Image, INFERNO: HELLBOUND… about a group of criminals who are tasked with the mission of journeying into Hell itself to prevent the apocalypse above! 

"I've never seen this in my life, I swear!" - HELLIFIED Producer

Anybody got Silvestri's number? He'll probably be wanting to get a lawyer on that, it’s bloody identical! Even then I knew the idea was ripe for a movie – although it remains a mystery why the book disappeared after only three issues, mid-tale, never to be seen again. Which was a huge shame, because it really had legs. Whether HELLIFIED will also borrow the idea that the reason it must be criminals is that only those without souls can cross over into Hell without going up in smoke, remains to be seen. But they’ve nicked everything else so why not!

HELLIFIED is being produced by TRANSFORMERS producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura & Mark Vahradian, who are currently on the look out for a director to replace stuntman turned filmmaker Dan Bradley (given the reception his debut movie RED DAWN garnered, he probably wishes he stuck to flipping cars).

We’ll have more new on INFERN-- sorry, HELLIFIED, as it develops…

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