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Written by Iain Robertson Thursday, 06 December 2012

Movie News

The first trailer for J.J. Abrams forthcoming Star Trek Into Darkness has hit the internet ahead of its pre-Hobbit theatrical launch next week.

The film, the sequel to 2009’s reboot sees a mysterious figure from Kirk’s (Chris Pine) past, played by Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch return to wreak vengeance on the Federation, unleashing a devastating attack on Earth in the process.

The identity of Cumberbatch’s character has been a closely guarded secret, and the trailer may offer possible clues to his identity. In Cumberbatch’s voiceover to the otherwise wordless trailer, he talks about returning to seek vengeance. This sounds like Khan (and long time fans may recall that the original title of Star Trek 2 was 'The Vengeance of Khan', which was changed to avoid similarities with the then titled Revenge of the Jedi). However, there’s a slight echo on his voice, reminiscent of the other rumoured character, Gary Mitchell, a former friend of Kirk’s who develops God like powers.

Another currently unknown character glimpsed in the trailer is that of Alice Eve, long rumoured to be playing Yeoman Janice Rand. Or she could be playing Christine Chapel, which would fit with the uniform. Conspicuous by their absence however are former Doctor Who star Noel Clarke and Robocop’s Peter Weller.

Other highlights of the trailer feature spectacular shots of a ship, presumably the Enterprise, crashing into, and taking out of water, a planet covered in War of the Worlds style red foilage, and a glimpse LA’s Fox Plaza, better known as Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza.

Most intriguingly however is an extra shot at the end of the Japanese version. Without spoiling it, we’ll just say it recalls a key scene in The Wrath of Khan. Enjoy...

Trailer #1

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Japanese Version

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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will open in cinemas on May 17th 2013.

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