Movie News: INDEPENDENCE DAY 3D Scrapped

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Movie News

Twentieth Century Fox have chosen to abandon their plans for a 3D re-release of Roland Emmerich’s 1996 alien invasion flick INDEPENDENCE DAY. If there’s a single person who just read that sentence and was remotely gutted, make yourself known in the comments below, because we predict you don’t exist. We’re not knocking the movie, it’s a whole lotta fun, but we’ve yet to see a post-converted film work. In a climate where an increasing number of cinemagoers are angered at studios shoving 3D movies down their throats (and in many circumstances giving them zero option otherwise), it seems to be a pointless exercise rolling out movies that we all already own on Blu-ray… only more unpleasant to watch.

And this tells us the studios are finally cottoning on. A cause for celebration indeed. (Ok, yes, the same studio are releasing ATTACK OF THE CLONES 3D and REVENGE OF THE SITH 3D in 2013, but they're pot committed at this point. The disappointing box office of PHANTOM MENACE 3D had already prompted them to bring the remaining prequels forward to get them out of the way.)

Sadly, with INDEPENDENCE DAY 3D no more, this might mean Fox are now getting cold feet on moving forward on the long-talked about sequel(s), which is actually a great shame. The sheer scale of ID4 still impresses today, so it would be pretty exciting to see what they could do to improve on it with the advancements in CGI. And ideally utilising the advancements in screenwriting too. Mac virus, my arse.

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0 #1 Debbie 2012-11-21 21:17
I didn't even know there would be one. But I would rather see a sequal in 3D but I probally would of seen it as I love Will Smith. But its silly that they are putting films out again in 3D.

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