Movie News: Ready For Even 'More' STAR WARS? Kathleen Kennedy Could Be Prepping Lucasfilm To Make Up To Three a Year...

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 16 November 2012

Movie News

A tantalizing tidbit of STAR WARS news has emerged today courtesy of an exclusive interview Entertainment Weekly are running in their new issue. In a chat with the new Lucasfilm head honcho Kathleen Kennedy, it’s reported that she’s told the company that it will now be producing as many as two-to-three films A YEAR, as opposed to their normal output of one every four.

With STAR WARS being their greatest export it’s not that crazy to jump to the conclusion they’re planning more movies than just the announced trilogies. Remember that Joe Johnston Boba Fett movie rumoured a while back? With that kind of output they could conceivably grant any character their own movie, and explore the Galaxy far, far away in far, far greater detail. It's working for Marvel Studios after all! 

Alternatively it could just mean that we might finally be getting sequels to such beloved Lucasfilm properties as HOWARD THE DUCK, WILLOW or THE RADIOLAND MURDERS. (Actually a new HOWARD THE DUCK flick could be pretty sweet; I take that back…)

There’s certainly no lack of talented writers and directors lining up to play in the STAR WARS universe, so as long as they have the cash to make them as good as they can be (we don’t want another CARAVAN OF COURAGE on our hands), why not let Lucasfilm go nuts? Eventually we’ll get that Nien Numb solo adventure we’ve always wanted!

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0 #2 Hans Christian 2012-11-19 14:41
Seems to me they're saying that Lucasfilm will be producing up to three films a year... Not necessarily Star Wars films. Hopefully they'll stick to the 12 part series originally planned, and not turn the classic series into a corporate geisha girl for Disney's useless shareholders after all these years. Rather see new films from George Lucas' imagination.
0 #1 Lozzer 2012-11-17 14:25
Excellent news - can't wait for the Salacious Crumb movie!

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