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Though it was criminally ignored on its UK theatrical run earlier this year, here at STARBURST we're big fans of both Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman (HELLBOY), so how could we resist giving this Monday's home video release of supernatural actioner SEASON OF THE WITCH a shout out!

For those unfamiliar, here's the official synopsis:

"After years of brutal warfare in God’s name, a heroic knight (Cage) and his closest aide (Perlman) return from the Crusades drained of their taste for bloodshed and disillusioned by the Church. The knight arrives to find his homeland shattered by the Black Death, and having returned from fighting prematurely, both men are apprehended and forced to embark upon a dangerous mission to avoid prison for desertion. The knight is instructed to take a prisoner of the church, an accused witch thought to be responsible for the Plague, to a monastery where she will undergo a ritual to free their lands of her curse. Fearing her to be a scapegoat, the knight agrees to accompany her. But their route is treacherous, taking them across sheer-walled gorges and into the punishing depths of wolf-infested forests, and as the knights fellow travellers begin to succumb, one-by-one, to misfortune, it becomes apparent that his most terrifying enemy yet is much closer to home."

Now check out our EXCLUSIVE CLIP...

Rounding out the cast are up-and-coming British actress Claire Foy, Robert Sheehan (MISFITS), Ulrich Thomsen (FRINGE), Stephen Campbell Moore (ASHES TO ASHES), Stephen Graham (BOARDWALK EMPIRE), and a man who needs no introduction, the legendary Christopher Lee!

Take it from us, the movie is well worth a look - Cage is as awesome as ever and Perlman is typically badass. Plus... witches!

Momentum Pictures will release SEASON OF THE WITCH on both DVD and Blu-ray from 27th June.

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