Movie News: Learn Which Academy Award Winning Writer Is Rumoured To Be Penning STAR WARS EPISODE VII...

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 08 November 2012

Movie News

George Lucas & new Lucasfilm head-honcho Kathleen Kennedy might have found the writer to tackle the script for EPISODE VII, should you believe entertainment website Vulture (it’s one of those ‘inside sources’ type jobbies, so get that salt to hand).

The scriptwriter in question is a rather good one truth be told, so if this does turn out to be true then colour me pleased (but I’m still hanging on to my Damon Lindelof/Brad Bird/1952 theory)... You might not know his name but you certainly know his stuff - Michael Arndt broke into the biz with the acclaimed indie comedy LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE before knocking it out of the proverbial park for the second time with TOY STORY 3 for Disney/Pixar. Upcoming high-profile pics include the Tom Cruise vehicle OBLIVION, THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, the PHINEAS AND FERB movie (?!), and THE UNTITLED PIXAR MOVIE THAT TAKES YOU INSIDE THE MIND (yes, that’s actually its official working title).

While nothing on his CV exactly screams STAR WARS (well, besides OBLIVION which is at least sci-fi), Arndt is apparently a well-respected expert on all things from the ‘Galaxy far, far away’. Rumour has it the award-winning writer has turned in a 40-to-50-page treatment for the movie already, but a final decision has yet to be made.

Lucas did refer to having meetings with writers about the future of the franchise, so even if Arndt is confirmed later on down the line, we suspect he’ll just be one of many working on the various projects. And one of those other ones will be Lindelof.

Read the full article HERE.

STAR WARS EPISODE VII is due for release in 2015.

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0 #1 Lozzer 2012-11-09 13:40
Sounds good to me. After Prometheus not too sure I'd be happy for Lindelof to be lead writer.

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