News: First Trailer For GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Hits [Updated] With New Footage!

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New footage for GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES has hit, and it provides a much better look at the show's tone than the teaser trailer we previewed in the earlier story below. Check it out and let us know what you think...

Check out our previous piece for more details...



If this week's GREEN LANTERN motion picture and the recent DC animated Blu-ray release GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS didn't satisfy you, then get ready to be happy - there's more to come in the form of a brand new animated series airing later this year on Cartoon Network. Fancy a peek at the new trailer? Course you do...

Although we must admit to missing the traditional cell animation look of the usual DC output, if the writing is as strong as it has been in the past we're sure we'll be able to adjust to the CG approach, much the same as our early reactions to THE CLONE WARS proved us wrong.

Josh Keaton will this time star as Hal Jordan, with Michael Clark Duncan reprising his role as Kilowog, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET's Robert Englund himself will now voice villain Hector Hammond, with Richard Green as Sinestro.

Will we finally get to see G'Nort though? That's what I want to know.

Like the look of this? Will you be tuning in? Let us know with your comments below!

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+2 #3 Me, from before 2011-07-21 22:02
I agree with Mr Cheese. While technically impressive, everything looks a little shiny and soulless. I would have preferred they go with the classic cel style (Batman: the Brave and the Bold for example, looked wonderful).

On the up side, I’m happy thy seem to be keeping the tone light and fun. I’ll definitely give it a shot.
0 #2 Nicholas Peat 2011-06-21 23:49
Actually this looks pretty good - if nothing else, it'll be distinctive.
+1 #1 Mr Cheese 2011-06-21 18:27
Sorry hate CG - Clone Wars works despite it. Gutted, will still watch it but way prefer the look of the older DC stuff

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