Movie News: Full Trailer For EMPIRES OF THE DEEP Surfaces At Last!

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Movie News

To be honest, it's been so long in the making we actually forgot all about this! To say EMPIRES OF THE DEEP has had a troubled journey to the screen is an understatement. The biggest co-production between the US and China at the time, the film, which started shooting in 2010, is reported to have cost in the region of $100-150m and has seen talent come and go.

The story tells the tale of a young man in love with a mermaid princess, and the fallout this forbidden romance causes in her underwater kingdom. Or something. It's hard to figure out from the trailer you're about to watch. What's also hard to figure out is just where all that money went, as the CGI effects are shockingly rubbish. Then why waste time on it, you're probably asking? Well, unintentionally hilarious as it is, we honestly haven't seen anything done of this scope for a long time. Dudes riding giant crabs, tridents in hand; sea monsters; mermen; lobster wrestling; cod combat; that pretty lady from QUANTUM OF SOLACE; the film's got everything! If AVATAR 2 is really going to explore the ocean world of Pandora, director Michael French has really raised the bar for Cameron. In terms of FX though, Jim's going to laughing along with the rest of us. Expect EMPIRES OF THE DEEP to sink without a trace at the box office (if it even gets a look in at the multiplex), but until it arrives enjoy the trailer...

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That's right. 100-150 million dollars. Something fishy's going on in the accounts department...

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