Movie News: Lost JURASSIC PARK IV Concept Art Reveals Dino-Soldiers Plot Nearly Came To Pass!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Movie News

By now the story of William Monahan & John Sayles' aborted 2007 JURASSIC PARK IV script has been pretty well documented, but for those who've yet to hear it, their take on the property revolved around DNA modified, dinosaur/human hybrids that were trained as soldiers. They also lived in a secret castle in the Alps. And went on missions. Yes, seriously. Anyway, the idea was understandably nixed by Spielberg et al, and the wonderfully absurd concept was ditched in favour of another been-there-done-that island-based adventure (one imagines) and the movie was never to be seen. However, over on Reddit some fascinating concept art has hit that reveals the project got a lot further along than any of us imagined. This almost happened! Which begs the question, why not just dump the JURASSIC PARK branding if that was the only bone of contention and call it something else? Check out the pics below and tell us with a straight face you don't want to see this movie!...

JURASSIC PARK IV is currently in development at Universal. It won't look anything like this.

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