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The debate on whether Pixar's CARS is actually any good or not [It is. - Ed] continues to divide the Starburst office, but it has to be said that even the non-fans amongst us quite enjoyed the last CARS 2 trailer. This on the other hand, well, I'll let you guys be the judge. Here's the brand new trailer for Pixar's direct-to-home video CARS spin-off... PLANES.

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Hmmm. While not quite of the same shameless standard as the Disney direct-to-home video productions - which saw them churn out cheap sequels & spin-offs to every one of their earlier features, no matter how sacred - PLANES just plays a little flat. Future footage might convince me otherwise, but this promo certainly doesn't propeller me to seek the movie out [You're fired. - Ed].

Think it looks promising, our is PLANES the first indication of a Pixar cash-grab? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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