Movie News: Ever Wondered What An Anime STAR WARS Would Look Like? Wonder No More...

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Movie News

Star Wars

Listen up Uncle George, forget all that STAR WARS DETOURS nonsense, you 'need' to get in contact with animator and YouTuber OtaKing77077, pronto. OtakKing77077, real name, Paul Michael Johnson, has released a frankly stunning piece of self-made footage that depicts a STAR WARS space battle between the Empire and the Rebellion in classic anime style. If Lucasfilm can't see the monumental potential in getting Mr. 77077 on board to oversee a feature length version (or, ideally, a TV series) they have truly lost the plot. Check it out in the player below, it'll be two minutes well spent...

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How awesome was that, right? Sure, it's not the newest of ideas, Lucas' beloved creation has been lovingly rendered in Manga-stylee before, appearing in a series of Japanese comic books back in 1999 (see below), but this really gives the very familiar universe a huge shot in the arm.

We seriously doubt we'll get our wish and ever see a frame more (in fact we expect those responsible to get slapped with a cease and desist from Lucasfilm any moment now), but it's fun to dream.

Props to for first bringing this to the attention of everyone. Good spot!

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