Movie News: MANIMAL Heading To The Big Screen At Last!

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 17 September 2012

Movie News


It was only the other week we here in Starburst HQ were discussing what it would take to purchase the rights to the long-forgotten (by most sane people) eighties TV series MANIMAL. We got a little carried away to be honest, and started to get way too enthusiastic about bringing a sexy new incarnation of the show to today’s cinema audiences. Just imagine it… MANIMAL BEGINS!

Cheers Sony. Thanks a lot for stamping all over Starburst’s dreams! And yes, we are doing a bug sweep of our offices as we speak – if you ever announce a big-screen reboot of CHOCKY we’ll see you in court.

“For God’s sake, get on with it, give us the MANIMAL news already! Nobody cares about your ideas!!!” – Average Starburst reader

Point taken Average Starburst reader, whoever you are. Ok, so here’s the skinny. MANIMAL was created by TV uber-producer Glen A. Larson - he of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fame - in 1983, and told the tale of Jonathan Chase, a mild-mannered doctor who had the ability to turn into any animal! (Somehow. This was never explained.)  Naturally he uses this unique power to take to the streets and rid his city of crime. Usually in the guise of a panther or a hawk due to the fact they had bugger all money to spend on FX. 

The show ran for a mighty eight episodes. 

Sony are now resurrecting the property as a movie that will incorporate live action and CGI, meaning we’ll finally be able to see Manimal unleashed from his budgetary trappings and fully explore his true potential.

Whoa... MANIMAL UNLEASHED! That’s a bloody good title! Back off, Sony. You can’t have it.

We’ll have more news as we get it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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