Movie News: Chloe Moretz Looks Perfect As CARRIE White. Period.

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 23 August 2012

Movie News


So far we've only had a cheeky pap pic of the KICK-ASS actress in her Carrie White get-up, but today MGM/Screen Gems have come out swinging, cutting right to the chase to reveal the film's money shot - the tortured teen covered in pig's blood at her prom. Check it out below, and spare a thought for the attendees who are about to feel the wrath of a very pissed off telepath...

And here's the very first shot of Julianne Moore as Carries's bible-bashing brute of a mother, Margaret...

CARRIE is directed by BOYS DON'T CRY helmer Kimberley Peirce and will be unleashed upon UK cinemas April 12th 2013.

Source: Entertainment Weekly (though the watermark probably gave that away).

What do you think of Ms Moretz' look? Are you looking forward to this remake? Let the world know below or on Twitter @STARBURST_MAG

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