Movie News: Learn Who’s Rumoured To Wield The Mop In THE TOXIC AVENGER Reboot…

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Movie News

Toxic Avenger

Ok, so we’re going to say upfront that this is unlikely to ever come to pass, but word on the street is that JOHN TRAVOLTA himself is in talks to take over the role of the mutated environmentalist in the big-budget reboot of Troma’s most endearing property, THE TOXIC AVENGER.

The project has been on the cards for a while now, and has some pretty major talent already on board – HOT TUB TIME MACHINE's Steve Pink is attached to direct from a script that he co-wrote with newcomer Daniel C. Mitchell, while Akiva Goldsman will handle production. Goldsman has been instrumental in shepherding many a hit over the years, such as FRINGE; I AM LEGEND; HANCOCK and the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequels. True, he’s also been behind some absolute shockers, BATMAN & ROBIN; JONAH HEX and LOST IN SPACE among them. All in all, this should go a long way to define just how different this new version will be to the grotty, low budget 1984 original. Don’t expect people jerking off to photos of car-crash victims to survive the adaptation. Thankfully.

Though the film is reportedly much more family friendly – comparisons to THE MASK have been made – we just can’t see why Travolta would actually be seriously pursuing this, even with the credibility of the creative team. But wouldn’t it be interesting…


Of course it's not the first time Toxie's been diluted to suit the tastes of a wider audience; hands up who remembers the early nineties animated series, THE TOXIC CRUSADERS...

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