Movie News: A.L.F. Goes C.G.I.

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 09 August 2012

Movie News


Readers of a certain age will have very fond memories of eighties puppet property ALF, the Paul Fusco produced sitcom that featured a cat-craving alien who winds up living with a suburban family. Fans will no doubt be a little nervous with the news that Fusco has finally succeeded in attracting the attention of a major studio to back his reboot proposal, with Sony Pictures Animation now jumping aboard. Hang on... "Animation"? 'Fraid so folks, despite THE MUPPETS proving otherwise, seems puppets are a little too old fashioned for today's audiences, and the Melmacian will now be rendered in CGI. 

We have to admit, advances in CGI animation have continued to come on in leaps and bounds, and who can argue that the fluffy star of Seth MacFarlane's TED didn't result in you suspending your disbelief that this was an actual living, breathing person. (No, we're not talking about Mark Whalberg, the other one.) While it's sad to see the puppet ALF go, there are ways to make this work if done properly.

One small problem however... the project is being co-produced with Jordan Kerner. He of last year's THE SMURFS. Gulp.

That's it for deets, we'll have more when this thing gets rolling...

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0 #1 Shane 2012-08-10 13:44
MUST this happen? Can't people whatever's in the past in the past? Oy... next they'll be bringing "Out Of This World" and "My Secret Identity" to the big screen. In 3D, natch.

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