Movie News: Fox Possibly Swapping Galactus/Silver Surfer Rights For Daredevil

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 07 August 2012

Movie News

This involves shady backroom deals and handshakes and as such should be firmly marked as a rumour with bold, caps and underlining so it looks like this: RUMOUR.

The situation is this, Fox owns the rights to both DAREDEVIL and FANTASTIC FOUR, with FF come the characters of Galactus and his herald SILVER SURFER along with the option to make a movie based solely on the SILVER SURFER. Fox has to go into production on a new DAREDEVIL movie by October 10th or the rights revert back to Marvel. They had David Slade all ready to direct a new take on the blind vigilante until he dropped out a month ago. Fox brought in Joe Carnahan (THE GREY) with a new gritty take that they seem keen on, but they need more time.

Several outlets are reporting that Fox is negotiating with Marvel so that they have enough pre-production time with Carnahan’s DAREDEVIL and so that the rights don’t lapse. Marvels caveat? They want rights back for Galactus/Silver Surfer…

This makes sense considering that Marvel Studios are going in a new cosmic direction with the ending to THE AVENGERS as well as the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Galactus would be a suitably huge threat for a number of Marvel heroes and god knows we want to see it done properly and not the huge cloud we got in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. But really, is DAREDEVIL this important to Fox?

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