Movie News: First Full Length Trailer(s) Hit For PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 01 August 2012

Movie News

It's easy to deride this franchise as lazy recycled nonsense, but beyond the continued use of the found footage angle lies a pretty compelling, slowly unravelling narrative. Plus, if you watch them in the right environment (ie: anywhere but opening weekend in a cinema full of giggling chavs) they really do have the power to shit one up.

And so here we find ourselves, just three years on since Oren Peli's first film debuted, with the fourth chapter in the saga, and a return to the aftermath of the events in part 1 (we only got about 5 minutes further with part 2), with a *SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE NOT CAUGHT UP* now possessed Katie, wanted by the police for a slew of murders and the kidnapping of her sister's kid (part 3's prequel story filled us in on why a child of that particular bloodline might be of importance). The protagonist in part 4 is, for the first time, a non family member (unsurprising because they're all dead but two), and is played by Dianna Agron (of GLEE apparently) who is quite rightly spooked out by her new neighbours.

Dim the lights, crank up the sound, and the first full trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4...

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And for those that want a little more, here's an alternate version, which adds a little more of the back story I was boring you with above...

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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 opens in the UK October 19th.

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