Movie News: Wahlberg and Neeson Offered Roles in NEUROMANCER

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Movie News

We hadn't heard anything about Vincenzo Natali’s adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal 1984 cyberpunk novel NEUROMANCER in nearly two years, so we could be forgiven for thinking the tricky project was dead. Then in May the production brought on board super producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and it seems the project is alive and almost ready to roll as offers have gone out to Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson for the most pivotal roles in the story.

Wahlberg has been offered the role of Case, the streetwise hacker whose nervous system has been ruined after being double crossed which leaves him unable to jack into cyberspace. Case is hired by the mysterious Armitage, to be played by Neeson, an ex-military man who cures Case’s damaged nerves and sends him on a perilous mission involving an artificial intelligence known as Wintermute.

NEUROMANCER is rightly regarded as a classic sci-fi yarn and seeing as it’s from 1984 it predicted a hell of a lot of things that we take for granted in our day to day lives. I always imagined Case as a younger man than Wahlberg who must be pushing 40 but still this is an encouraging sign that the production is moving forward and looking to the A-List.

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