Movie News: Ben Wheatley Gets His FREAKSHIFT On...

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 27 July 2012

Movie News

Say what you will about the ending of KILL LIST, everything leading up to the audience-dividing denouement was clearly the work of a filmmaker who really knows his onions. His follow-up movie, the black comedy SIGHTSEERS is garnering good buzz and now comes the news he’s in advanced talks to helm his first American film, FREAKSHIFT. The plot reportedly revolves around a task force who are charged with ridding the streets of the monsters which now emerge on a nightly basis to torment (nice way of saying devour, mutilate, rape, etc) the terrified populace. ...Come to think of it, we could all benefit from a Freakshift unit being placed in all major UK cities on a Friday once the clubs kick out.

Scant details to go on so far, but enticing nonetheless. Along with FREAKSHIFT we also have his portion of the eagerly awaited THE ABCs OF DEATH to look forward to, and though there’s been no mention of movement since January, how could we forget about MEGAEVILMOTHERFUCKERS!

SIGHTSEERS is out November 30th.

Read our interview with Ben Wheatley HERE.

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