Movie News: No Fifth INDIANA JONES In Our Future Says Producer…

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 26 July 2012

Movie News

Indiana Jones

In news that will no doubt come as a huge relief to all the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL haters, and a massive disappointment to those few of us who risk constant ridicule by embracing the undoubtedly flawed but immensely enjoyable film, producer Frank Marshall has stepped forward to update us on INDY 5. In short, despite constant chatter otherwise, it ain’t happening.

In a recent chin-wag with Collider, the adventuring archeologist’s long time producer tells them that George Lucas isn’t currently pursuing the key MacGuffin that will propel the story, and that he sees SKULL as “the last hurrah”.

Boooooo! Surely even those of you who hated SKULL would have gambled on a fifth to set things right? Or is everybody happy that that is that?

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