Movie News: Universal Unleash First Trailer For WEREWOLF - THE BEAST AMONGST US…

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Movie News


Remember when we told you that Universal were planning to have another crack at their Wolfman property again, just a few short years on from Joe Johnston’s box office howler? Well, it’s finally time to see what Louis Morneau (director of THE HITCHER 2) has managed to whip up, with the first trailer hitting ahead of its Halloween DVD/Blu-ray debut. Will it live up to the legacy of the studio’s 1941 original? Let’s have a look see…

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Well that’s a resounding no then.

WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONGST US hits home video in the US on October 9th. Sadly there’s no UK release date yet, but we don’t suspect many tears being shed over that.

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