Movie News: Edgar Wright & J.J. Abrams Collaborate On COLLIDER

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Movie News

Good news for genre fans today, whilst Edgar Wright has a pretty full dance card in terms of projects he has on his plate with THE WORLDS END and ANT-MAN due before cameras over the next couple of years, that hasn’t stopped him adding something else to his to do list.

JJ Abrams will produce COLLIDER, a top secret sci-fi project which is based on an idea by Wright which will be co-written with I AM LEGEND scribe Mark Protosevich. Like most things Abrams has in development, the details end there. It is thought that this will be Wright’s next directorial effort after the previously mentioned films.

So what could this be? Well the first thing that springs to mind is the large hedron collider in Switzerland and all the possible implications that come from the idea of creating a black hole or simulating a big bang. Also Wright had a project in development previously about a woman discovering a mysterious world behind the world we all see every day but this seems to have dropped from his slate. Or is COLLIDER a revamped and re-worked version of that movie? Also remember that Abrams is producing something called GOD PARTICLE. Is this a re-titled version of that project? More details as we get them…

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