Movie News: FINDING NEMO in the Works at Pixar

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Movie News

FINDING NEMO, released in 2003, was one of Pixar’s most successful films ever. The director Andrew Stanton went on to direct the even better WALL-E and then earlier this year came a cropper with JOHN CARTER, a spectacular failure but a failure nonetheless. Now it seems Stanton is going back to the well with Pixar and directing a sequel to his first big hit.

A lady called Victoria Strouse has been hired to bash out a script for the film with Pixar and Disney hoping for a 2016 release slot. The original FINDING NEMO is re-released later this year in a shiny new 3D format.

The first movie is pretty much perfect as it is, with a wonderful self-contained story, and it’s hard to imagine where it could possibly go. Will it involve little Nemo growing up, moving on with his neurotic dad coming over all nostalgic and weepy before learning a life lesson? It’s more than likely. Pixar seem to be keen on this sequel business lately, MONSTERS INC sequel MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is due in 2013 and surely a TOY STORY 4 can’t be far off. If only we could get the damn sequel to THE INCREDIBLES already!

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