Movie News: Thomas Jane Brings The Pain In New PUNISHER Short!

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 16 July 2012

Movie News

The Punisher

With the rights to the character recently reverting back to Marvel Studios, it's highly likely that nutter Frank Castle will be gracing our screens again some time in the future. Ok, perhaps not in his own movie, that would be bonkers considering the abysmal box office performances of the two last efforts, but can you imagine him crossing paths with The Avengers? Thomas Jane has! It's refreshing to see actors embracing the characters they play (or more accurately 'played', Ray Stevenson nicked the part off him in the 2008 sequel), but we've never seen dedication like this! Jane has returned to the role in this new unofficial 'fan film' he put together, DIRTY LAUNDRY. And don't be put off by that term, this is hands down the best live-action version of the character we've seen yet. ...Not that that's saying much.

WARNING: Thought that DREDD clip you saw the other day was a bit on the violent side? Think again. If you happen to be at work or in a place were a small child or pet might wonder in and cop an eyeful, then excise caution before watching...

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Will Marvel Studios reward this noble effort when it comes time to introduce The Punisher to their universe? Doubtful, but this should at least renew industry interest in Jane.

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