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Written by Kris Heys Monday, 16 July 2012

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Lots of exciting news hit this weekend regarding Marvel Studios’ plan for their unified movieverse, aka PHASE TWO, the cycle of titles that will culminate in 2015/2016 with AVENGERS 2. Projects we already knew were coming got official titles plus swanky new logos, and the two secret flicks were finally revealed (admittedly to the surprise of nobody). To bring you guys up to speed we’ve compiled everything you need to know below…

* The THOR sequel will now be known henceforth as THOR: THE DARK WORLD, forgoing the numeric titling of previous Marvel Studios sequels.


In a change to previous reports, Mads Mikkelson will NOT be appearing in the film as the villain due to commitments on HANNIBAL. Though filming has already begun in London, no replacement has yet to be confirmed. Loki will feature, but only in a lesser role, with ‘The Dark World’ of the title rumoured to reference Feige’s recent comments that the story would explore their nastier side of Asgard.

* Also getting a new title is CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, but unlike THE DARK WORLD, this tells us far more in terms of what comic book arcs directors Anthony & Joe Russo will mine from. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER will hit April 4th 2014.

Captain America

* As pretty much everybody expected, Marvel Studious will throw their universe wider come August 1st 2014, when we’ll be heading for space to hang out with the GAURADIANS OF THE GALAXY. And yes, Rocket Raccoon is confirmed! Here’s the the first piece of concept art...

Guardians of the Galaxy

Expect this one to tie in heavily with THE AVENGERS and its sequel, with Thanos talking a big role. This would also eliminate the risk of audience unfamiliarity affecting the box office (ala the similarly themed GREEN LANTERN). Bung in Iron Man and his mates and everybody will feel completely at ease.

* Edgar Wright arrived with a very special surprise for those in attendance, that short ANT-MAN test reel he recently shot. And it went down a storm! So far it hasn’t materialized online (dammit), so it’s looking unlikely we’ll get to see this ahead of the film’s release, but with descriptions detailing Hank Pym taking out an armed guard by shrinking down to Ant size, legging it across the barrel of the gun pointed at him before landing a microscopic blow to the thug’s mush sounds absolutely incredible. The superhero might be tiny, but the potential for action sequences as we’ve never seen them before are huge! Edgar Wright has long been confirmed to direct from his (and fellow collaborator Joe Cornish’s) script ‘if’ the movie was ever given the greenlight, so this is cause for celebration indeed. No release date has been fixed as of yet, but it’s likely to be Wright’s next gig straight after THE WORLD’S END. Marvel Studios also announced that they’re considering upping their output to three films a year instead of two, meaning ANT-MAN ‘could’ be joining the 2014 roster alongside Cap and the GOTG.


* Not a huge amount of IRON MAN 3 stuff, but attendees did get to witness Stark’s collection of suits firsthand, and the new armour was revealed for the first time...

Iron Man

Oh, and it got a logo too, which is precisely the same as its past titles with a number 3 slapped on. We’re sure your imagination will take care of that instead of making us Google Image it.

PHASE TWO begins with ITEM 47, the new MARVEL ONE-SHOT detailed here, when it accompanies AVENGERS ASSEMBLE on Blu-ray September 17th. Marvel also debuted a new clip of their short film, which you can watch in the player below...

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Here's the abridged PHASE TWO schedule for you to cut out and keep...

ITEM 47 - September 17th 2012

IRON MAN 3 - May 3rd 2013

THOR: THE DARK WORLD - November 8th 2013





That's some good eatin'!

Which movie are you most/least looking forward to? Will audiences embrace GUARDIANS and ANT-MAN? Who/What should Marvel Studios bring us in PHASE THREE? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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