Movie News: Joe Cornish To Adapt RUST For Fox

Written by Chris Holt Saturday, 14 July 2012

Movie News


In recent weeks ATTACK THE BLOCK director Joe Cornish was attached to write and direct a big screen version of Neal Stephenson’s 1994 Cyberpunk novel SNOW CRASH. This is a perfect match of director and material and should lead to an interesting film but no actual confirmed schedule is in place for the films production as yet. So Cornish has gone and signed on for something else.

RUST: VISITOR IN THE FIELD is a graphic novel about a spaceman named Jet Jones who is being chased by a decommissioned war robot when he crashes into the barn of a family on Earth. The farm is struggling but Jet may hold the key to saving the families livelihood.

Fox have hired Cornish to write and direct the film version of the book. This is quite a bit different in tone from ATTACK THE BLOCK and SNOW CRASH which are both relatively dark pieces whereas this sounds a bit like THE IRON GIANT meets FIELD OF DREAMS. RUST is probably an easier sell than SNOW CRASH so I would expect this one first.

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