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Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 10 July 2012

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Every now and then Dean Devlin the writer/producer of STARGATE and INDEPENDENCE DAY will talk up a sequel to the 1996 hit film about an alien invasion on the titular American holiday. More recently the man has talked about a sequel and threequel filmed back to back essentially creating a trilogy but movement has been very very slow.

Now he is talking again and word is that the film is further along than ever, talking about the script Devlin has said: “I feel like we got it. I think it took a long time, but I feel like we finally got something that feels like ‘That’s worth seeing as a sequel to Independence Day’”

No more plot information is forthcoming but recent chit chat suggests the aliens coming back again with Captain Steven Miller (Will Smith) now the president and mankind having adapted the crashed alien tech into high tech weaponry in preparedness should the alien bastards come back for more. Devlin has also said that they are beginning the process of approaching the original cast to get as many back as possible.

So it’s still on anyway and Fox are re-releasing the original in 3D next summer so this could be a possible ‘testing the water’ strategy to see if anyone is still interested.

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