Movie News: Michael Fassbender Producing And Starring In ASSASSIN'S CREED Adap

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Movie News

Assassins Creed

The ever in demand and acclaimed Michael Fassbender has had a great couple of years, starring in the blockbuster likes of PROMETHEUS and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS as well as acclaimed art-house fare like SHAME. Fassbender is staying on the geek radar by producing and starring in an adaptation of a much loved video game property.

The ASSASSIN'S CREED series combined stealthy assassination work and free running in a variety of different period settings. The third game is due for release shortly. I’m not personally familiar with the series but I understand there was a twist to put it in SF/Starburst territory. [Big time. - Ed]

Fassbender will develop the film with the company Ubisoft who are taking the development in house with the intention of shopping the package to interested studios or distributors.

Another video game adaptation isn’t necessarily something to shout about but Fassbender doesn’t exactly do lightweight so maybe there is something to this…

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