Movie News: Updates On That LEGO Movie We're All Looking Forward To...

Written by Chris Holt Friday, 29 June 2012

Movie News


Much like the apocalypse, the LEGO movie is coming and you can do nothing to stop it. Beyond the initial announcement and subsequent outrage nothing really has emerged that makes one feel anything other than indifference, until now and some interesting developments…

Now entitled LEGO: THE PIECE OF RESISTANCE, the film will be directed by the admittedly talented duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller who did 21 JUMP STREET and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS. The film will be partly animated with Lego, partly live-action, and follows an ordinary everyday Lego man who is mistaken for some kind of building master and is plunged into an epic quest. Chris Pratt from WANTED and PARKS AND RECREATION will voice the main character. 

In further more baffling developments, DC has signed a contract with Lego for them to produce a line of toys based on their characters thus enabling the film to have Lego versions of DC comics characters appear in it. Gravelly voiced Will Arnett has already signed on to voice the Lego version of Batman in the film. Word is that the producers are pursuing Channing Tatum for Superman.

The developments are getting weirder all the time on this one and it’s gone from something I couldn’t care less about to something I’m pretty fascinated by. More as and when it comes through…

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