Movie News: Is This The First Footage From THE AVENGERS Director's Cut? Blu-ray Trailer Hits...

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 28 June 2012

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Do we really need to see a trailer for the Blu-ray version of a flick just about everybody on the planet already saw and loved? Not really, but there is at least a few seconds of previously unseen footage here. Watch out for an early Nick Fury line excised from the theatrical cut, along with Tony Stark's 'war face' near the tail end. If anybody spots any more, let us know!

What's especially interestingly about this trailer is that the existing Blu-ray notes do not confirm the presence of the Director’s Cut, so it’s not clear why they’d tease us here. Anybody smell a double dip later on in the year? Us too.

And here’s the new trailer for the fancypants MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: PHASE ONE collection the US are getting. It looks like fans in the UK will end up with a bog-standard collection of the movies boxed together. Us Brits obviously can’t comprehend lofty concepts such as all this 'Phase One' business.

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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and that significantly less impressive sounding THE AVENGERS – 6-DISC BOX SET will hit the UK September 17th. The US get theirs on the 25th.

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