Movie News: ...For Those Of You Itching To See CABIN FEVER 3!

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Movie News

Cabin Fever

Ever wondered how the mysterious flesh-eating virus found its way to the Cabin in Eli Roth’s 2002 debut movie? Us neither, but rights holders Indomina believe we all need to know, and have today announced the first batch of victims for origin story CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO.

And the lucky fellas are... LOTR and GOONIES alum Sean Astin, Brando Eaton (errrrm…) and Ben Hollingsworth (A FRESH OFFERING*), who will all play passengers on a Caribbean cruise liner that crashes into an island being used for nefarious research purposes. 

At the helm is Kaare Andrews (ALTITUDE**), directing from a script by Jake Wade Wall, the scribe behind such beloved horror hits as THE HITCHER and WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Well, the remakes anyway.

If the above news wasn’t exciting enough, it’s intended that PATIENT ZERO will lead straight into CABIN FEVER: OUTBREAK, which will again be helmed by Kaare Andrews. If he’s not fired first that is. Hopefully he’ll give Ti West a call for advice on how to keep his job***.

Expect CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO to hit the budget DVD shelves sometime in 2013.

*Never heard of him. Even the IMDb shrugs when you type his name in.

** Haven't seen it, but the cover art depicts an aeroplane being attached by tentacles mid-flight. Hence it's already on order.

***Solution: Do everything the producers say. No matter how nuts the idea. (See Ti West's story about a 'scary' stove.)

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