Movie News: AVATAR II, III 'and' IV To Shoot Back To Back?

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Movie News


“I’m in the Avatar business. Period.” - you might remember James Cameron recently threatening revealing in an interview with the New York Times, going on to vaguely hint that along with the intended sequel and threequel, there may also be a fourthquel! [Not a word. – Ed]

Many had interpreted his quote as a conversational way of highlighting where his heart now lay, with the somewhat shocking announcement that his Lightstorm Entertainment production arm would no longer be developing other projects. Apparently the world of Pandora is the perfect platform on which to tell any of the stories Cameron has left to tell. All of which apparently have an environmental bent. Oh goodie!

Well, all the above – particularly the existence of a fourth – gained credence today after long-time Cameron cohort and AVATAR star Sigouney Weaver let slip in a chat with Showbiz411 that she’s soon being shipped off to work on parts 2, 3 and 4, and they’ll all be shot back-to-back.

We seem to remember that Weaver has a tendency to be very playfully candid in interviews, especially when talking about franchises that we hold very dear, so it’s best that it’s taken with a double pinch of salt until Cameron decides to confirm. The other thing to bare in mind is that even if she’s not teasing us, the first film was revealed recently that it would most likely hit in the far flung future that it 2016. By which time some of us will be dead. And unlike Weaver’s character we won’t have the luxury of Cameron being able to cobble together some mystical excuse for us to return from the grave.

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