Movie News: Are DC Comics' THE METAL MEN Heading To The Big Screen?

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 22 June 2012

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Metal Men

Fresh off the success of MIB III, director Barry Sonnenfeld is now rumoured to be eyeing yet another relatively obscure comic book property to throw a gazillion dollars at - DC Comics' METAL MEN.

A team of six intelligent, morphing robots each named after a different element, Gold, Iron, Mercury, Lead, Platinum and Tin, the Metal Men (and gal) have been knocking around the DCU since the 1962. They initially starred in their own title which ran from ’63 – ’69, before being relegated to the sidelines and having to settle on guest appearances in their peers book. Their popularity saw them return to their own title in ’76 (before being 'tin'-canned again in ’78), and the guys had a final crack at the whip in a 1993 mini-series. Being favourites of many DC writers however, the team has been utilised many times over the years in such high profile books as INFINITE CRISIS, JLA and SUPERMAN/BATMAN. They've also guest starred in an episode of the excellent BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. Check out the guys (and gal) in action in the player below...

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Cool right! We wouldn't advise anyone to get to excited yet. They may have a rich history, and are no doubt beloved by DC geeks, but the commerciality of a tentpole movie based on them is a different kettle of fish. We just can’t see Warner Bros. gambling $200 on such an obscure property – especially considering how badly they got burnt on GREEN LANTERN. And audiences had heard of that guy! Time will tell, but we actually can't see this progressing too far.

But the burning question on everybody's minds is - how will this effect Sonnenfeld's team-up with Grant Morrison on the naffly titled but actually kind of intriguing DOMINION: DINOSAURS VS. ALIENS?

Source: Vulture

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0 #2 Robin Pierce 2012-06-22 15:13
Hmmm, this could be cool - but y'know what would be really, REALLY cool? Bring on The Doom Patrol. Now THAT would certainly rock.
0 #1 Nicholas Peat 2012-06-22 15:09
I can see this working as a CGI/animated film - if there's EVER been a toyline desperate to happen in the DC stable, it's Metal Men. Just imagine how much Hasbro would pay to have Transformers tie-in with a superhero film...

This could be great IF it's handled with enough levity - it's VERY much a children's story and a children's story it should stay.

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