Movie News: Details On PROMETHEUS and THE AVENGERS Extended Cuts Revealed

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 14 June 2012

Movie News

I have been fairly vocal to anyone who will listen about how disappointed I was in PROMETHEUS, Ridley Scott’s much hyped return to the ALIEN universe. I still feel many people are giving it too much praise for no reason but that’s an article for another time.

Despite being previously told by a friend of a friend in the know that the extended version of PROMETHEUS would amount to a scant extra five minutes, it now appears that it will be an extra twenty minutes added to the film for the Blu-ray release towards the end of the year. Scott confirmed this in an interview but also went on to say he was ‘happy with the theatrical cut’ (eh!?!) which makes you wonder just what the motivations are for releasing this version (See: Money). Anyway no details have been confirmed about just what the extra twenty minutes are, but it’s likely they will fill in some of the Space Jockey sized plot holes in the sloppy screenplay. If you do a search on the internet then you’ll not have to look too hard to find the interview where he discusses some rejected concepts from the film. They are interesting for sure but to go into any details here would go too far into spoiler territory.

Much more appealing is the news from Disney that a stonking 35 minutes will be put back into THE AVENGERS/AVENGERS ASSEMBLE for the Blu-ray release. There are no details beyond this and to be honest I wasn’t even aware there was a possibility of this much extra footage being around as the film was as tightly scripted as they come. There are also rumours that Disney may release the director’s cut into cinemas this August to bump it up over AVATAR as the top grossing film of all time. Again this is all financially motivated, but I love the idea of more footage featuring the Marvel characters bantering with Joss Whedon’s excellent dialogue. I could have watched a two hour film of that with no action scenes at all...

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