News: TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN Trailer Has Arrived!

 E-mail Written by Kris Heys Sunday, 05 June 2011

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It’s finally here! Brace yourselves Twi-Hards, for we have the first trailer for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 1. Enjoy!

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0 #3 sophiea iqbal 2011-06-07 20:10
I'm so excited! Not.

Couldn't careless, except for now less Twee-hards in the movies I go to. Myself I have found these movies to be more of a comedy then serious watch worth stuff. If not making me laugh or seriously embarrised for the peeps playing the under sexed, desprate for a shag teens, it just plain had me at a loss. Why do kids die over this drival?

Ya the wolf is shirtless, and the brooding vamp can cry like no other, but come on! And as much as I like Kristen, her character is a weak little wimp. She spent like 1 month in the same clothes part 2. lol Take a bath girl, or at least run a comb through ya hive. Ya have company!

Might watch if I want some one to laugh at, or to have a meaningful conversation in the cinema. lol But by all means Kris, and to hear your take on it.

Happy watching!
+1 #2 Claudia Whitehouse 2011-06-07 15:39
very interested to see how they handle some of the deeply disturbing sex/pregnancy stuff in this instalment of the 'twilight saga', and how that is going to appeal its tween audience and their parents

my guess is they leave out the bit where edward is so uncontrollably vampire forceful that he knocks bella unconscious when he takes her virginity on the wedding night. (maybe not! looks like there's a sneak preview of this at around 1.20 of the trailer!)

also including the part where the baby breaks several of her bones during the birth and edward has to rip open her uterus with his teeth is maybe not such a good idea.

god. twilight makes me want to retch
+2 #1 Rachel Collins Barrett 2011-06-06 19:40
this made me giggle - thanks starburst!

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