Movie News: JJ Abrams Producing Low Budget Sci-fi GOD PARTICLE

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Movie News

JJ Abrams

Paramount Pictures seems keen to continue their relationship with writer, director and producer JJ Abrams. The studio has purchased GOD PARTICLE from writer Oren Uziel for Abrams to produce through his Bad Robot production company.

GOD PARTICLE concerns what happens when the Earth vanishes during one of those pesky large hadron collider experiments that scientists love so much. The inhabitants of an American space station are left alone in the solar system wondering what is going on when a mysterious European vessel turns up and tries to make contact. The Americans are understandably suspicious.

Although it’s set in space and has a potentially epic storyline, the budget for this one will be below $5 million and will be handled by Paramount’s ‘Insurge’ sub division. This sounds a lot like a potential 2001/2010 for the new century and has an intriguing premise. Abrams has proved in the past that he can oversee relatively low budget genre pictures to major success like he did with 2008’s CLOVERFIELD. Speaking of which, weren’t we due a sequel to that movie by now?

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