Movie News: It's Not Easy Being GREEN. LANTERN. Warner Bros Mulls Reboot...

Written by Kris Heys

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Green Lantern

The success of THE AVENGERS has really lit a rocket under DC’s arse! Following on from recent news that the studio has begun work (again) on their JUSTICE LEAGUE and WONDER WOMAN movies, comes word that they’re also considering, of all things, a reboot of last year's box office bomb GREEN LANTERN.

Now it’s far from set in stone, with the news coming from a report in Variety, but the trade mag suggests that there is aggressive discussions going on over the future of their properties, and seems they think there’s plenty of life left yet in the character. A straightforward sequel is still in with a shot apparently, despite the kicking last year’s Ryan Reynolds vehicle got, but a do-over is also being courted. But really, why bother? What could they possibly achieve in a reboot that they didn’t/couldn’t in the original? Ok, so a script with a competent structure would go a long way to help, but they can still achieve that with a sequel. Sounds like a huge waste of time and money to us. Unless Mark Millar’s recent statement that the JUSTICE LEAGUE script is a radical departure from what we might expect is true and the 2011 GREEN LANTERN aesthetic completely clashes that is.

With THE DARK KNIGHT wrapping up this summer, it’s long known that the studio are considering rebooting the Bat-franchise to. All of this MUST be an attempt to unify their universe ala Marvel, but they’ve got an incredible amount of catching up to do. Even more so if you consider that their upcoming Superman reboot, MAN OF STEEL is, according to director Zack Snyder, completely separate from any JUSTICE LEAGUE plans. So that means they’ll be two Supermen and two canons running concurrently! What a mess.

Joining LOBO (which we recently reported on HERE and HERE) on the development slate at DC/WB are films based on The Flash, Shazam, Aquaman (how's that going to work post-ENTOURAGE mockery?!) and, most interestingly, THE SUICIDE SQUAD.

What do you guys think? Can DC pull this unified movieverse thing off? Or is rebooting Nolan's trilogy just too high a price to pay? Post your musing in the (much less effort to use) Comments section below, or chuck us a Tweet in the direction of @Staburst_Mag

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0 #3 Robin Pierce 2012-06-10 09:29
It's not easy being the only guy in the universe who liked the Green Lantern movie (sigh).

BUT, if man of Steel is nothing to do with anything else goin on in the DC universe then they'll certainly need to reboot that to fall in with Justice League plans. They'd be nuts not to do the right thing and cast Tom welling after his decade long "origin" story. Don't leave us hangin' guys.
0 #2 Darrell Andrews 2012-06-10 09:05
Sure, Man of Steel may not be tied into this new DC movie universe but a sequel certainly could be. Warners should definitely do it! A JLA film would be amazing! A DC movie universe would be too. I hope they can pull it off with some good writers though... GL doesn't need rebooting, it just needs a decent story the next time. The story is everything!
+2 #1 aaronwillmott 2012-06-09 00:30
look if they can do it and get me as excited as when the avengers came out i say they should but they have to do it properly first time around or it will be tarnished for good

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