Movie News: Director Duo Announced For CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Captain America

Some time ago we revealed Marvel Studios' apparent shortlist for the job of directing CAPTAIN AMERICA 2. It included mid profile names like George Nolfi and F. Gary Gray. It was surprising as it also included the outside choice of YOU ME AND DUPREE and COMMUNITY directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo. Well in a surprising move, Marvel has given the Russo brothers the job.

Not much is known about the plot except that it takes place in the modern day after the events of THE AVENGERS with Steve Rogers trying to find his place in this strange new world and may feature flashbacks to Cap’s World War 2 heyday. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are currently bashing out a screenplay.

Marvel has a history of picking outside choices for their films, Jon Favreau seemed like an odd choice for IRON MAN but then Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston and Joss Whedon all seemed like natural fits for their respective films for the studio. How this will turn out is anyone’s guess but it makes sense considering the balance of genres that the duo managed to cover in COMMUNITY.

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 is due in cinemas April 4th 2014.

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