Movie News: Stephen King Tale THE TEN O'CLOCK PEOPLE Headed To The Screen

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Remember director Tom Holland? He made the original FRIGHT NIGHT and CHILD'S PLAY movies back in the '80s and these were a big deal to me growing up. Along with John Landis, John Carpenter and Joe Dante, Holland seems like one of those ‘Masters of Horror’ that should be working a lot more than he does. Holland’s last theatrical release was an adaptation of Stephen King novel THINNER that was only so-so. Now he is set to return with another King adaptation, this time of his short story THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE.

The story follows a man who is trying to quit smoking named Brandon Pearson, during this difficult time Pearson uncovers a race of inhuman monsters disguised as high ranking officials including the vice president. The twist is that only those in the thrall of nicotine withdrawal can see these beings due to a chemical imbalance in their bodies. Pearson and his fellow workers who go for the ten o’clock fag break are the only ones that can stand between the creatures and world domination.

It’s certainly an interesting and somewhat unique premise. Holland will write and direct the film which he calls “a paranoid suspense piece”. Filming is set to begin this summer but no cast has been announced yet. Please get Jon Hamm from MAD MEN for the lead. That would make so much ironic sense.

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