Movie News: Will Next X-MEN Film Deal With THE DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Arc?

Written by Chris Holt

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Okay this is a story that should be rubber stamped with the massive disclaimer ‘RUMOUR’ but is interesting nonetheless. 20th Century Fox have recently registered with the MPAA registration bureau (the US equivalent of the BBFC) the title ‘DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’. This comes hot on the heels of them announcing a release date for what we assumed was X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2. Are the two connected?

For long-time X-Men fans, the DAYS OF FUTURE PAST title is significant as it belongs to one of the most famous arcs in that comic’s history. As told in the comic, the story was about a present day assassination of a senator by the Brotherhood of Mutants which caused an alternate future dominated by the colossal Sentinel robots where mutants are rounded up and placed in concentration camps. Through time travel involving Kitty Pride I believe, the present day X-Men are made aware of the possible future and must stop it at all costs.

Whilst I would love to see one of my favourite arcs on film I always leery when an established property introduces a time travel element. Now FIRST CLASS director Matthew Vaughn has stated previously that the next movie may take place in the '70s rather than the '60s, so it would sort of make sense in that respect being that this was a very tumultuous decade anyway. It would also possibly lead into a franchise reboot of sorts if Fox could then set a movie series in the future world we would supposedly glimpse in the film.

It’s also worth noting that producer Lauren Shuler-Donner has previously expressed a desire to continue the previous X-Men movie continuity after X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, so going into the future there would also possibly shake that property up a bit. This is all speculation at this point but is fascinating to think about.

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