Movie News: FRAGGLE ROCK On!

Written by Kris Heys

Movie News

Fraggle Rock

The long in gestation FRAGGLE ROCK movie has returned to the development slate at New Regency with the hiring of Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian, the screenwriters behind RANGO.

Having a deep affection for the Jim Henson show, we're not complaining that the movie has taken its sweet time getting to screens – it’s a truly unique children’s show, and has held up extraordinarily well since its 1983 debut, a fact that has to be credited to the mature, un-pandering storylines and utter lack of a dependency on pop culture references. If it takes another 10 years to tap into the same tone then we’d rather take that over some misguided attempt to make it appealing to audiences in a way that would threaten the original spirit, as it very nearly did in 2010 when the then rights holders, the Weinsteins, called writer Cory Edwards (HOODWINKED) to make the Fraggles ‘edgier’. Sigh. 

Since Jason Segal and team did such amazing work resurrecting The Muppets last year, it just goes to show that it can be done, and the hiring of the RANGO guys gives us confidence that this is heading in the right direction at last, because that was, let's face it, uncompromisingly sophisticated for a family friendly movie. 

There's currently no mention whether the Scissor Sisters are still involved though. (We’re not kidding, read our last story on the film HERE to get the skinny on the Fraggle’s crazy journey to the big-screen.)

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