Movie News: Plot Details Leak For The Waschowski’s JUPITER ASCENDING

Written by Chris Holt

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The Wachowskis

A couple of months ago we reported that THE MATRIX directors The Waschowskis were working on a top secret new science fiction project called JUPITER ASCENDING which was to be the first in a planned trilogy. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are currently attached to star and the supposed plot of the film has been leaked:

The film imagines that humans as we are now are the first stage of a drastic evolution whilst an evolved race of human beings watches us from the stars. A lowly female Russian immigrant cleaner (Presumably played by Kunis) is being watched by this race especially carefully as she shares the same exact genetic make-up as their queen and thus threatens her rule. An assassin is despatched to Earth (Presumably played by Tatum) to kill the girl and instead ends up falling in love. There is also a more interesting element to the story where the evolved humans have been cross bred with animal species to heighten their specific required characteristics. So a soldier has gorilla strength and a miner has worker bee ethics etc.

Supposedly the increasingly ubiquitous Joseph Gordon Levitt is also in talks to take a role in the film. This all sounds very interesting to us, hopefully this will be much more than another TERMINATOR knock off and will be able to get past the I AM NUMBER FOUR-esque plot and become something special the way the first MATRIX film was back in '99.

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