Movie News: Trailer For Bizarre Sci-fi Flick, BRANDED

Written by Chris Holt

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I like to think that most things in production are on my radar in some form or another but sometimes something can just pass you by and then when you learn about it you find yourself completely surprised and anticipating something you had no idea existed.

That’s very much the case with this trailer for BRANDED (Aka MOSCOW 2017, Aka THE MAD COW). Directed by Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn, BRANDED follows an advertising guru who disappears for ten years following a disastrous campaign. He returns ten years later and finds the advertising world changed radically and experiences visions of strange creatures controlling people’s thoughts and actions. He uncovers a sinister plan by a rival advertising firm and gets embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens mankind.

The film will get a limited release stateside in September through Roadside Attractions who have just released this trailer:

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Interesting huh? Looks like a visually stunning mash up of VIDEODROME, THEY LIVE and William Gibson’s PATTERN RECOGNITION. What’s also fairly unique is that the smart phone scanning codes glimpsed in the trailer actually work and unlock further trailers and marketing materials for the film. Hopefully this one will play either of the two major horror film festivals in the UK in the second half of 2012 with an official release not too far behind.

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