Movie News: HATCHET 3 Begins Filming

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Hatchet 3

You may care about this or you may not. To many people Adam Green’s HATCHET films are the greatest thing to happen to horror since Ghostface; to others they are overrated, derivative and disappointing because the director has proved he is capable of so much more with films like FROZEN. Any way you slice it (tee hee) swamp dwelling loon Victor Crowley is coming back for more over the top gore for HATCHET 3. This time however directorial duties have been handed over to BJ Mcdonnell.

Filming is now underway in New Orleans under the watchful eye of producer Green and DarkSky Films/ArieScope Pictures. The story this time finds the heroine of the last two movies returning to the New Orleans to track down and bring an end to the voodoo curse that brings Crowley back from the dead.

The film stars returning franchise staples Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder as well as Derek Mears, Caroline Williams, Diane Goldner, Sean Whalen and THE FP writer and director Jason Trost. A late addition to the cast is GREMLINS star of yesteryear Zach Galligan.

Expect HATCHET 3 straight to DVD sometime in late 2013.

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